Below are a list of common treatments and services we offer. If you have any questions or treatment inquires, please contact us.

Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

Low Back Pain

Knee and Ankle Injuries

Leg Pain

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Post-Surgical Rehab

Herniated Discs and Bulging Disks





Sports Injuries

Plantar Fascitis

Ankle Sprains

Muscle Strains

Tennis Elbow

Rotator Cuff Injuries

LightForce Laser

Clinically Proven treatment for pain and inflammation.

Lightforce Laser

Our mission at DAPT is to

Relieve Your Pain

The first step is to get your pain under control. Our physical therapists are experts at targeting the source of your pain so we can begin to relieve it quickly.

Recover Your Function

Our overall mission at DAPT is to help you recover and maximize your function after injury so you can return to and sustain an active and productive lifestyle. For each individual this will mean something different. 
For some it may mean competing in a challenging sport at a high level–maybe even division one college athletics or professional level sport. For many others it will mean returning to their recreational activities and work with renewed abilities after injury. In later years it may mean keeping enough physical ability to maintain independent living and enjoy life.

Teach You How To Participate in Your Recovery

We emphasize empowering you to participate in your own recovery. You will be educated on your particular injury or condition so you will understand how to facilitate your own rehabilitation process. A treatment program is designed to restore your body to a maximum degree possible. You will participate in setting your rehabilitation goals. The rehabilitation program will involve specific exercises, proper body mechanics, expert manual therapy when needed, and treatment to speed up physiological processes involved in healing.

Provide State-of-the-Art Treatment

We use the most current and evidence based treatment available in physical therapy and rehabilitation. The McKenzie Approach to Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment method allows us to quickly evaluate spinal and other orthopedic problems and start relieving the pain and disability quickly. A key part of this system is the importance and effectiveness of empowering you to help manage your condition through home exercises and techniques to better care for yourself throughout each day.

Give Personal Attention

Our physical therapists will apply expert hands on treatment to help restore mobility and relieve pain.

Provide the Optimal Environment – Facilities and Equipment

Our clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art fitness and rehabilitation equipment. 
We have available the latest in physical modalities including many types of electrical stimulation, ultrasound, vasopneumatic intermittent compression, cryotherapy, moist heat, and phonophoresis.

What to Expect at DAPT

  • Your injury or condition will be met by a team of highly skilled professionals who specialize in the care of orthopedic problems and sports-related injuries.
  • Your physical therapy program will consist of a thorough evaluation, treatment of the injury, or condition, and activities to maintain or improve your level of fitness and daily functioning.
  • Concerned professionals will work with you to set realistic goals to help you return to normal activity as soon as possible. We will also teach you how to reduce the risk of reinjury.
  • Facilities: Fully equipped physical therapy clinic; Custom designed rehabilitation gym; Treadmills with unweighting capable system; Body mechanics training; Private treatment rooms when needed; Group treatment area for peer interaction, support, and reinforcement of the recovery process.